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Wind Mitigation Inspection

Our certified inspectors identify systems that make a home better prepared to survive a windstorm event.  Once this mitigation report is completed your insurance provider reviews this report and is able to provide credits to your policy premium.

4 Point Inspection

When insuring a home, insurance carriers like to take a deeper look at the (4) building systems that are the main sources of an insurance claim.  These (4) systems are the roof, electrical system, plumbing system and HVAC systems. Our certified inspectors have the know how to complete and report on these systems.

Roof Certification

Our certified inspectors are able to satisfy the insurance company requirements of a certified roof certification.  This is generally requested when the insurance carrier would like to only understand the condition of the roof and get an estimate of the remaining useful roof life. 

Cost Replacement Valuation

Insurance Appraisals and Replacement Cost Appraisals/Valuations (also known as cost replacement appraisals) provide the insurance replacement cost, in dollars, which gives owners, insurance agents, and corporations the ability to accurately insure a property in the event of catastrophe.